AJAX Junior Academy

"At a young age, winning is not the most important thing. The important thing is to develop creative and skilled players with good confidence." - Arsene Wenger

Our Ajax Junior Academy program competes against other select Academy clubs in the San Antonio & surrounding area. Junior Academy is meant as a bridge for dedicated & passionate soccer players looking to improve their individual skills, committed to reaching higher goals, and ready to challenge & push themselves.

Junior Academy Curriculum

AJAX’s curriculum is designed to develop a players technical foundation - ball mastery, coordination, & good technical skills. Players are taught angle recognition, skill moves, juggling & understanding of small sided situations within simple training exercises.  Along with a core foundation, we develop basic & required techniques needed to begin playing competitive soccer - ball control, passing, dribbling, shooting & receiving. General concepts are established & the rules of the game are taught to ensure proper development. The objective at this age is to allow our players to have a positive experience, develop a love for the game, understand how to play with teammates, & establish a good technical foundation. AJAX defines a set of concepts for each player to understand their progress within the program.

Junior Academy FAQs

Ajax is a soccer family.  We treat our players, parents and siblings within our Core Values: We respect all our players, while pushing them to be accountable to their team and themselves so that their ambition helps them achieve their common goals.  Our unique family first approach honors service to the team, club and community.

You can fill out the Inquiry Form (below) to get registration information.  Junior Academy teams are filled after a short evaluation by one of our Junior Academy Coaches.  Registration is twice a year (for separate Fall and Spring seasons) and ends when the rosters are at capacity. 

YES!  AJAX has an Integrated Player Development Program run by Max Gunderson.  Max works directly with your coach and the player to meet the players specific skills and goals.  Sessions are held at Weston Soccer Fields making sessions more convenient for our AJAX soccer family.

AJAX charges a per season fee for each Academy player.  The Academy has 2 seasons per year - Fall and Spring.  Cost for each season is $420.  AJAX offers the ability to pay a player’s annual fee “In Full” or monthly installments.  AJAX does offer a discount when a player Pays in Full at the beginning of the season.  In addition to annual fees, AJAX players pay for the tournaments they attend, any travel to and from games or tournaments, and a uniform kit.

Not for our Academy program.  AJAX keeps the cost for the Academy program low - right at what it costs for us each player - in order to make the program accessible to as many players as possible.  If your family needs financial assistance, please contact Jen Raley for more information.

If you are ready to have your player go through the evaluation process, please sign up HERE.

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