Registered Player FAQs

AJAX has a mobile app - AJAX SOCCER CLUB - that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or iTunes.  Players, parents use their League Apps login that is used to register for each seasonal year to access the app.

League Apps is the online registration system. Website host and Mobile phone app provider that AJAX uses for program registration and communication.  Links to download the mobile app can be found on our website at:  .  You can set up notifications on your phone to receive push notifications, text or email (or all 3).

Your player’s calendar and game schedule can be found in the mobile app or by logging in to your League Apps account on a computer.  AJAX also adds club wide events to the calendar as needed.

AJAX participates in 5 different leagues each year (based on a team’s qualification).  

  1. Super II (WDDOA) will be in mid-August
  2. United Soccer Clubs (USC) will be the end of August
  3. State Classic League (SCL) will be in early August
  4. Frontier Premier League (FDL) will be in early August
  5. Academy (AAYSA) will be in early September

Once the schedules are published by the coordinating league, AJAX will update the mobile app and notify the club.

The first weekend of games is dependent on which league your team is playing in as well as your coach’s availability (especially if your coach has multiple teams).  Most leagues play an annual game schedule.  Games can start in early September through the end in mid-November, starting back in mid-February for Junior Select teams, and the end of March for Senior Select teams through the end of April and/or early May.  All AJAX teams will participate in a “Cup tourney” in April and May.  Cups are being played all throughout the US at the same time each year and can lead to Regional and/or National championship opportunities.  League designations are in the AJAX app attached to your team’s name/title (i.e. AJAX 11 Girls White (Alpha) = Super II; AJAX 03 Boys White (USC) = United Soccer Clubs)

AJAX hosts training for 10 months out of the year, taking all of June off and 4 weeks around the Christmas holidays.  Each team will be assigned a 1 ½  hour training time session, 2x a week, with their coach which will start in August.  Specific session assignments will depend on the coach’s availability, the age of the team and field availability.

Your player is required to train 2x a week at minimum with their primary team.  If your player is interested in additional training opportunities, your player can talk to his/her coach about other teams, coaches, or higher levels they can join.  Additional training needs to be approved by your player’s coach and the coach of the team your player will be attending training.  Training with other teams/coaches is at no extra cost and is to be done in addition to your player’s primary team training sessions.

 YES!  Through MG Dynamics, AJAX has a comprehensive Individual Player Development Program (IPDP).  The AJAX IPDP is run by Max Gunderson.  Sessions can be scheduled directly with Max.  The AJAX IPDP will challenge your player to set individual goals, while Max works directly with your player’s coach to focus coach directed skills.  Sessions are held at Weston for ease.  Cost is dependent on how many players attend each session.  Please contact Max for specific pricing and scheduling.


The number of tourneys a team attends is solely at the discretion of the head coach.  He or she will set a preliminary tourney schedule in late summer (once we have dates for the seasonal year).  The tourney weekends will be marked in the mobile app to ask players to “SAVE THE DATE.”  

Most teams will play 2-4 tourneys a year.  Junior Select is usually 2-3, Senior Select teams might have the opportunity to play in more tourneys, however, these are focused on college showcases.  Cost for tourneys depends on how many players attend each tourney and the entry fee.  Tournaments are not included in AJAX’s annual player fees.

 Most of our Junior Select program will attend tourneys in the San Antonio and Austin Area (these are considered local).  Senior Select teams focus on college showcase tourneys, some are local and some are in the Dallas/Fort Worth area or the Houston area.  Participation in tourneys is not required, however, tournament participation is highly, highly encouraged.  Travel tourneys are planned as soon as possible so that players/parents have time to plan and make arrangements.

 No, AJAX does not, but some of the leagues AJAX plays in do have playing time rules (these rules are set by the league).  In the USC, SCL and Premier leagues, there are no play time rules - how much your player is in each game is determined by the coach.  Super II and Academy both have a rule that requires that each player be on the field at 50% of each game.  AJAX is not able to prevent/bench a player from participating in any sanctioned game for any reason.

 YES!  AJAX believes that the more time your player spends playing, the more they will develop as a soccer player.  If your player is showing interest and commitment they can be offered the opportunity to play with teams in an older age group or a higher level of play.  This privilege is not guaranteed and your player’s primary team is the priority.  Please talk to your head coach if this is something you feel could benefit your player.

No.  AJAX’s goal is to provide a place for players who desire to play select soccer a space to improve and develop.  To that end, AJAX frequently designates players as “training” which allows a player to train with an AJAX team in their age group.  AJAX encourages all training players to register and play on an NBYSA team while the player improves.  Training players can be asked to join AJAX teams for tournaments.

There are specific situations with specific teams where players may be added in order to secure the team’s roster and provide the team with substitutions for games. Cases like this are specific to a team’s needs.  The “training only” program is run throughout AJAX.

Yes.  All the time.  AJAX is able to recruit players from NBYSA through several AJAX run identification programs.  In addition, AJAX coaches attend middle school and High school games and recruit players on those teams.  Players who are brought in by AJAX parents and players are typically the best recruits.  These players would generally be playing select soccer at another club.  In the Junior select age groups, players leave or join teams/clubs almost exclusively by parents making the decision.  Most parents at these ages are not willing to drive long distances for their player to join a team - so players coming from larger metro areas are not common.  At the Senior select age groups, players drive the decision to move between teams/clubs.  AJAX has players as far as Austin and far San Antonio playing in the older program.

Yes.  AJAX prefers for teams to have at least two coaches during their tenure with the club.  There is no specific age or number of seasons that determine when a coaching change happens.  The AJAX Directors will make changes in coaching staff with input from the current coach and possibly parents.  AJAX will consider the culture, level of play, and which coach is deemed to best fit the team.

AJAX is a 501c3, non-profit limited liability corporation.  As a 501c3, AJAX has an elected Executive Board and holds monthly meetings about AJAX’s day-to-day operations.  Members can contact any board member to request information and/or discuss questions or concerns.  AJAX members can attend monthly board meetings.  The meeting schedule is posted on the AJAX website.

 No.  NBYSA has a lease with The Weston Foundation - $1 per year for 99 years.  AJAX is granted access to use Weston through NBYSA.  NBYSA & AJAX are responsible for 100% of the improvements, maintenance and repairs at Weston.  Large scale capital improvements (i.e. paved parking, indoor bathrooms, etc) would require fundraising or grants beyond the portion of fees that is designated for these items.  The NBYSA and AJAX Executive Boards welcome input from members who are willing to help at Weston.