The AJAX NPL Program is our Elite player program for our U13 & above players.  Providing our top athletes with an opportunity to earn, commit & discipline themselves to play at one of the highest levels of soccer in the country.

NPL Program players must be identified by their coaches to have the opportunity to be placed on one of our NPL Program teams.  The AJAX NPL Program is by invitation only.

NPL Program players are "soccer first" athletes who are committed to devoting themselves to their teams & their personal development at an elite soccer player. Eligibility for the NPL Program will be monitored throughout the year.

All NPL Program players will receive 2 written evaluations throughout the seasonal year.


AJAX NPL Program Players must meet stringent requirements to become & remain eligible throughout the year.  Each player, along with their parent, will sign an NPL Player Contract committing to their team & to AJAX's CORE VALUES:

  • 3 training sessions per week; making themselves ACCOUNTABLE to their coach & teammates
  • all games, including club pass and/or guesting when invited; to achieve their AMBITION to play elite soccer
  • leadership & SERVICE during training and games in acceptance of the role they are being asked play for their team
  • RESPECT for everyone involved in training & games - to include referees, opponents, coaches, & spectators
  • Create a FAMILY atmosphere by being kind, at all times, with the understanding that the team is stronger when everyone is dedicated to each other as a unit
  • Exhibit AJAX's UNIQUE & distinctive brand of player, inspiring other to aspire to higher goals


IF THIS DESCRIBES YOU - then sign up for the AJAX PLAYER PLACEMENT in May and/or talk to your AJAX coach today!


[The AJAX NPL PROGRAM will only be available to AJAX club players]

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