Parent Expectations

  • There must be understanding & cooperation among parents, players, team managers & coaches to ensure AJAX is successful. Your player's progress depends on this relationship. No part of this equation can help your player reach their goals; we all must work together.

  • Parents should refrain from being critical about coaches, other players or club staff in front of their player.  The coach/player relationship is built on trust & respect for each other which cannot be achieved without parent support

  • AJAX recognizes that concerns arise from time-to-time that need to be addressed with their player’s coach or club staff. Parents are encouraged to reach out whenever this happens. Parents wanting a discussion with a coach can contact the coach via email or text. AJAX does ask parents not engage coaches immediately after games, when emotions can be high, & coaches may be leaving to oversee another team.

  • AJAX requires parents, coaches, players, staff & spectators to be on their best behavior at all times.  All AJAX leagues & tournaments, have Zero Tolerance policies for behavior.  Behavior considered rude, vulgar, inappropriate, or violent can cause spectators or players to be removed, suspended, and/or banned.  Penalties are enforced at a state level – AJAX has no authority to removed or waive penalties assessed to any participant.

  • AJAX should be known for good sportsmanship, impeccable behavior & superior attitude.  Let the kids use their talent & skills to do the talking.

    All parents & players sign a CODE of CONDUCT each year.  More info on Parents Expectations can be found in our NB AJAX PARENT / PLAYER HANDBOOK.  A copy is at the bottom of this page.